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Sharp minds and creative thinking for Adaptive Branding.

In the fluid and dynamic landscape of contemporary business, brands are the essential reference points people use to navigate their lives and careers to create meaning.


“The days of branding as corporate identity are over. Albig + With take branding to a new level, by adapting brands to empower our team and amplify meaning for our customers.”

Stefan Karl, Shanghai Berlin

But the nature of branding has changed.

Today’s beloved brand is tomorrow’s loser.

Adaptive branding embraces the flexibility to transform, adapt and forge connections between your company, your customers and your stakeholders. People, matter and meanings change over time and across borders, and so must your brands.

Adaptive brands are catalysts that inspire, infuse and impact their purpose, adapting to the world around them. To stay ahead of the competitors, attract the best people and continually define their position, enduring brands create a space in which stories are told, values are transmitted, and ideas are defined.

Adaptive Branding establishes your brand as the channel through which your company can continually transform and flourish by creating meaning and value.

We put our expertise, experience and insights at your disposal to empower you and your brand to lead the way.



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